From the Mind of Micah >>>

My work relies on color to relate form and feeling. I aim to stimulate feelings in the viewers through color; feelings that allow the imagination, not the eye, to define what they see.

Stimulating the viewer’s imagination is more of an inspiration to me than my own concept of a piece. Light and sound work together, as most of my work is painted to music, sometimes in front of an audience. Many times I start with an idea, but the music leads the piece to the final outcome. If I’m painting for an audience, I absorb its energy, which becomes as much a part of the work as the paint and the canvas.

My story involves multiple eye surgeries, and a lengthy and tumultuous path of literally being able to see…a journey that continues today. The colors and loose command of flow, coupled with the immense influence music has in my creative process, are testament to the complexity of that path.

My focus now is the creation of large scale pieces for high end collections, but I will never forget from where I’ve come, and will always remain connected to my fans, friends, and family. It’s all good.