Art Basel 2016

My week in Miami was rife with competing experiences, emotions, loyalties…even the weather split its personas between rain and sun. And yet, in this highlight of my career and life, I harbored a secret sadness. Reconciling the dichotomies proved impossible. ‘Twas truly bittersweet. But when the skies cleared, and my mind cleared, the vision became reality…and it hit me right between the eyes. Two became one became art.

So much of a piece of artwork is its final incarnation: paint on canvas, hung on a wall. But to me, it’s also the journey and the experience of its creation, and the energy and music that pervade as much as pigment. So I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into that journey.

Special thanks to my good friends BEHROUZ, Megan, and all the good people at Do Not Sit On The Furniture; to Danny Tenaglia DJ for throwing down a killer set; to my rep Jon Gardner for making the moves to get me to #ArtBasel (and to his lovely lady Amanda for all her support); to all the artists and art lovers in #MIA and #HOU; and to my fans, friends, and family. Much love to you all!

It may be “Bittersweet…” but it’s still all good.

Want to see what my week was like? Enjoy this album!